Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fiesta! Fiesta!

We have some very close friends that are more like family (they literally are family) that we can do weird and out of the normal things with. We have been told to branch out and invite more people to our "group" It is not as though we don't want new people there.. it's just.. we are WEIRD! :) So January-May we have a birthday almost every month, and we have done individual parities before, but this year things got crazy! So we decided to do a big Fiesta to celebrate all of our birthdays! Minus Chris........ But we did something for him too.. more on that later.. We went all out! We did a photo shoot we played some fun games, we ate flawn..(Ky  is bomb!) and we even had a Pinata!! It was a blast! Before we ate everyone had to draw a number, whatever number they drew they got a certain style of mustache! IT WAS HILARIOUS!! Here are some pictures from our crazy night!  (sorry my camera was acting up, so some pics are blurry)

Señora Rubie
I bought some silly string for one of our games that we were going to play, but the weather was to bad.. some how it turned into a full on silly string fight in the house!!!!!!!!!! It was so fun, messy but great! I totally recommend it for anyone interested!

 It was a great night! We will definitely have another Fiesta in the future!!
 Side note... How handsome is my hubby.. I just love this guy and his smile!

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