Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fiesta! Fiesta!

We have some very close friends that are more like family (they literally are family) that we can do weird and out of the normal things with. We have been told to branch out and invite more people to our "group" It is not as though we don't want new people there.. it's just.. we are WEIRD! :) So January-May we have a birthday almost every month, and we have done individual parities before, but this year things got crazy! So we decided to do a big Fiesta to celebrate all of our birthdays! Minus Chris........ But we did something for him too.. more on that later.. We went all out! We did a photo shoot we played some fun games, we ate flawn..(Ky  is bomb!) and we even had a Pinata!! It was a blast! Before we ate everyone had to draw a number, whatever number they drew they got a certain style of mustache! IT WAS HILARIOUS!! Here are some pictures from our crazy night!  (sorry my camera was acting up, so some pics are blurry)

Señora Rubie
I bought some silly string for one of our games that we were going to play, but the weather was to bad.. some how it turned into a full on silly string fight in the house!!!!!!!!!! It was so fun, messy but great! I totally recommend it for anyone interested!

 It was a great night! We will definitely have another Fiesta in the future!!
 Side note... How handsome is my hubby.. I just love this guy and his smile!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bainbridge Lane

Today is a bittersweet day...

We sold our house.
Now it is FANTASTIC news for Daniel and I because yay! :) But this house has had so many fun and crazy memories here. This was our first home. No other house will be able to say they were our first. There have been parties, first dates, engagement's, random new games, curse words, puppies, goodbyes, movie nights, tears, craft nights, announcements, cooking adventures, and so many laughs. Most of all, this is where I learned how to be a wife. This house taught me so much like fire alarms need battery changes a lot more often then once a year... (try about 10.. we seriously had a haunted fire alarm)  and that the creeks in the walls were not crazy chainsaw people trying to kidnap me.. I learned that gas ovens are NOTHING like regular... and you CAN set things on fire :)  It truly was not just our house, it was our home. I am sad to see it go because of all the great memories we have had here, but I can't wait for the adventures that are a head of us!
Here are just a few fun memories at our lovely house on Bainbridge Lane. PICTURE OVERLOAD

Right when we moved into house :) 3 years ago

Some before and after pictures!

Next are some fun memories we have had!

Oh the puppies! We bought two puppies that were being neglected and we spoiled then rotten! Ferg was in heaven.. She was the alpha dog and let them know it! :) But she was so sweet with them. They were a handful but so fetching cute! We ended up giving them both away to fantastic homes!
Daniel & Roxie

Little Stella
Here are some of the parties we had!

More on these parties later :)

Little Chancho getting his head stuck!
And of course us getting our fun adorable Fergie! We love her so much! This was her first home too

This adorable doll (which was a gift from Benji) Fergie LOVED it.. She broke off an arm and a leg.. She would chew on it in front of the fire.. well.... One day I smelt something burning.... It was the chubby dolls hair on the fire!! So that's the bald spot :)
He is so sexy!

Here are some pics from MOVING DAY!!! Thank You Thank You to all who helped!!

The girls and the babies :)
Riley and Jett holding hands 

 Teamwork :)

 Jared and Staci got engaged here! So we had to take a picture to remember it!

This was then
 Now :)
 Such a cute little family!!

 Ignore our attractiveness in these pics.. It was crazy weather and we just were packing all day!

Bainbridge Lane was so good to us! We made many friends and great memories there. I love this house so much! Our next house has quite big shoes to fill ;) We will miss you Bainbridge, but can't wait for the memories to come!